How To Make Matcha Cheesecake

What you'll need for this recipe (see link for amounts)

1 - Oreo Base

2 - Matcha Filling

Step 1: Crush Oreos for the cheesecake base

Step 2: Melt butter and stir in crushed Oreo cookies

Step 3: Press mix into a lined tin and refrigerate

Step 4: Beat cream cheese and vanilla until smooth

Step 5: Sieve in matcha green tea powder

Step 6: Sieve in powdered icing sugar

Step 7: Beat together until creamy and smooth

Step 8: Whip cold heavy cream to soft peaks

Step 9: Fold whipped cream into matcha cream cheese mix

Step 10: Spread cheesecake mix onto chilled base

Step 11: Cover cheesecake and refrigerate to set

Step 12: Uncover set cheesecake and dust with matcha powder

Your matcha green tea cheesecake is now ready to enjoy!

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